SoupsAll our soups are homemade from scratch with the finest ingredients.

We have two of our homemade soups available each day.

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TODAY'S SOUPS: Call us to find out

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Our most popular & unique soup is a Li’l Guy original:
Shrimp & Sweet Potato Chowder (served every Friday)
We start by making a shrimp stock from scratch, we give it a little bit of spice, then we smooth out that spice with the sweetness from the sweet potatoes and we finish it with a touch of sherry.

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Other Soups rotate in the following order: Call us to find out which ones we are serving today

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Chicken Noodle
We start with homemade chicken stock and finish with chunks of chicken. The Cadillac of all soups.

Made from fresh tomatoes & basil.

Portabella Posole
another Li’l Guys original! A vegetable chili broth with portabella mushrooms, Hominy, corn, & black beans. Such spicy flavor & healthy for you, too!

New England Clam Chowder
A flavorful version of the creamy classic, finished with a touch of sherry.

French Onion
onions slowly cooked for hours for a deeper, richer flavor.

Made with a touch of mangoes.

Baked Potato Soup
Baking the potatoes brings out their rich flavor. indulge yourself we’ll top it with aged cheddar(extra charge) &/or bacon (extra charge), just ask!

Made with New Mexico & Ancho chilies.

Cream of Mushroom
A 30 year old recipe. It’s the touch of sherry that makes it so yummy!

The classic Italian soup.

Fresh broccoli simmered in a classic French veloute.

Corn Chowder
with red pepper, cilantro & scallions.